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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 14th Jun 2012 10:20

Bags packed, passport in hand, online check-in complete - You can`t beat the excitement of heading to a new place! 

As I headed through the London Underground bound for Heathrow Terminal 4, a warm smile came to my face as I began reading Lonely Planets guide to Thailand. Eastern Adventures can`t possibly be short of any excitement!

I`ve traded the familiar Carlsberg for Chang and parted ways with the cold air for humidity and warm showers.

Bangkok hit me like a freight train. Not knowing when I would be able to return I decided to make the most of my two days in the city. In one night I managed to enjoy most of Bangkok`s attractions; great tasting Thai beer from a pitcher the size of a small space rocket, a Thai massage to ease out the stress of the long flight, a `Ping-Pong` show which opened my eyes to the truth behind all the claims of what goes on, a ride on a tuk tuk taxi and to top off an amazing night, a drink on the top floor of Thailand`s tallest building - the Baiyoke Sky Hotel.  

I will be in Thailand for the next 5 and a half months. As much as I have loved travelling without any nine to five work commitments, I feel that it is the right time to settle in one area. I will be taking part in the ever growing and popular programme of teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand. I have been placed on this course through Chilli Adventures. This one of their numerous work/travel options offered, and by the looks of my sign up sheet it is really popular choice!

The programme requires you to take part in a one month TESOL training course in the town of Hua Hin, two hours south of Bangkok. Here you are briefed in on the Thai culture, Thai language and will learn the necessary skills to teach Thai pupils English. Once this month is complete in Hua Hin I will go through a placement process at a school in Thailand. 

How about Phuket? Apparently it`s a rather popular option. I`ll have to wait and see. 

Time to meet my new classmates...

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