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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 28th Apr 2012 18:02


It`s a household name that shouts `good times, late nights, and city by city mayhem`. I`ve heard it leaves you with the worst case of the travel bug around - I can`t wait to get bitten! But what is it actually all about? 

That is what I was most excited for when I signed up for a 32-day tour called the Easy Rider. I wanted to experience first hand; the people, the guides, the modes of transport, and what kind of madness actually happens on tour. 

The Easy Rider is a camping trip that spans 17 cities across 12 different countries. If the first few days in Paris are anything to go by, it is going to be a month that I will never forget. Contiki offer a range of tours that can be booked easily and conveniently through STA Travel. The tour package that I have chosen includes all transport, accommodation, 19 dinners, 31 breakfast, and a list of optional activities along the way that are enough to entice you into booking the tour right after reading it.

All Western European tours kick start from Contiki`s base in London. Here you have a brief meeting followed by a few pints to get to know your fellow travelers. Most groups range between 30 and 50 people. Due to the fact that I am touring at the start of the season the group I am traveling with is a cozy size of 25. 

This allows us to spread out comfortably on our tour bus that is driven by possibly the nicest coach driver I have met - Max. Max, along with the knowledgeable and articulate Blair and the ever smiley Francis make up the Contiki team that are leading us through Western Europe. Together, they are responsible for anything that stands in the way of having a good time, all the time. Gotta love Conitki! 

Our first stop after London was Paris. Paris in my eyes is tearfully beautiful. It is a must visit for anyone interested in beautiful architecture, fashion, great food and a monumental array of museums. 

Contiki organises a fantastic group dinner and cabaret style show that our group enjoyed together on our second night in Paris. We followed this up by a better than good night out at a local club. All in all it has been an awesome start - I can`t wait to report back on more once we reach Spain! 


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