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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 18th Apr 2012 00:28

I arrived at Heathrow Airport at roughly 8am on Thursday the 12th of April. Rushing through the morning masses on the London Underground was a pretty good wake up call. I reached Hammersmith station in no time and boarded the 220 bus bound for Wandsworth. (gotta love the British names!) I hopped off at Harbord street and rang what I hoped was the right bell. Jackpot - I was greeted by my cousin Ali and her nine month old miniature schnauzer. I am staying with my cousin Ali and her daughters Emily and Ella for the two weeks that I am in London. It sure is great to be spending time with family - it`s a great break from hostel living. 

Unfortunately when nighttime came I fell ill - this resulted in me being bed-ridden for the first two days. I shouldn`t be complaining though! For the first time since I can remember I did `nothing` all day! I managed to get in a movie or two during this time and I came across an absolute classic British comedy, Withnail & I! If you haven`t seen it and are interested in following the path of two wacky and stumbling out-of-work actors as they venture into the English countryside then do yourself a favour and rent a copy! 

Sunday came and with it my restored health. Ali and the girls invited me to join them at Spitalfields Market. I jumped at the opportunity and bid farewell to my comfy double bed and new favorite friend, Boudicca - Ali`s nine month old pup. Spitalfields Market is well worth a visit if you are looking for a unique shopping experience. Local London designers, craftsman, chefs and musicians display their talent and produce in an enticing manner. I was very pleased to see a biltong stand, although I plan on waiting until I return home in December until I indulge in any form of Biltong. You can`t beat the real deal. 

Brick Lane is a short walk from Spitalfields Market. On weekends the street is home to a vintage market place which acts as a great extension to Spitalifields. It is more alternative, and dare I say it, bordering on `hipster`. After winding our way through massive crowds at the marketplace we settled down for a cup of coffee at a restaurant called The Vintage Emporium. Here I felt like I had stepped into a time machine and wound the clock back two centuries. The staff were all dressed in clothes that outdate my grandparents and even the dog, a massive Irish wolf hound, seemed ancient! 

I officially have one week left in London - Time to tick more off the list! 

Any ideas? 

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