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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 30th Jan 2012 07:28


I had become very accustomed to the lifestyle, culture, sounds, weather, accents, pace and state of mind in the cosmopolitan areas of the east coast. Two days down the line, a few hundred miles later and I felt like I was in a new country. Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Austin popped up and ticked all the right boxes. 

The South takes you in like a carefree godmother. She cooks you pork ribs and re-fried beans, tells you naughty stories, plays you the music that your parents would never want you to hear and lets you drink all night long and sleep all day. 

Being here kicks your memory banks into over-drive. As you look around, walk the streets or sit in a bar your mind flicks through all the familiar blues music or country and western movies scenes that resemble what is right in front of you…every man has a cool hat, smokes a fine cigar, sips bourbon and has his eye on the beautiful blonde across the bar who is dressed in high top cowboy boots and a checked shirt that is pleading to pop open…You wouldn`t think about approaching this man but upon meeting his eye, as you glance over, he gives you a pilot nod and a "how ya doin?". These moments evoke those feelings of excitement and fascination that one had all those years ago when you watched Caddilac Records or a The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 

People here are more friendly and in touch with their social surroundings than in the big cities of the USA. It seems that there is more of a single defined culture as opposed to the complex nature of big city cultural dynamics. People here are at home and they share their world with one another through the common ground of music, and all the good times that come with it. It is not often that the number of live music venues outweigh the number of DJ based venues. Nashville has Broadway, Memphis has Beale St, New Orleans has Bourbon St and Austin has 6th st. These are iconic landmarks that open up a world of unique live music which sets the mood for what have been some of the best nightlife experiences of my life.  

So if you want to turn all those awesome movie scenes into a reality, head to the Southern States of the USA. 


Austin, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville