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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 22nd Jan 2012 03:49

A very kind friend of mine let me stay in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York. It is just me here for the weekend...I am so glad to have some time and space to myself as I attempt to take on New York City. She seems like a real beast.

Today I was overwhelmed by the fast paced nature of the people and amount of over-population. From a psychological perspective it is rather interesting...One could write an interesting paper about what big city living like this does to ones brain! 

One can really `feel` the city as you move through it. One almost feels like NYC is a massive factory and you are a moving cog in the system. 

Upon arrival I could immediately sense that tourists are not `liked` by the locals (who are the locals anyway? there is a such a mix of cultures!) I don`t blame the `locals` for there dislike of tourists either way...we simply clog up the system further.

As I moved through the underground train network with my giant back-pack i received a couple remarks from disgruntled locals. For instance; I was letting a lady get off the train before I hopped on...from behind me I hear: "Hey! What you think this is, high school?" I turned back and some guy quickly looked away in the hope I didn`t realise it was him. 

People seem to have adjusted mentally and numbed their senses to all the clutter and movement around them. `Auto pilot` mode seems to be the norm with many people. Unless you directly approach someone they will not give you one bit of notice. One really gets a sense of this when you make use of the public transport. Courtesy levels are very low. 

It took me a good 2 hours at a chinese take-out restaurant to calm down after I arrived. Perhaps the burden of carrying a heavy back pack around the busiest city in the States along with the -2C degree weather was also effecting my mental health. 

Now that I am back to full spirits it`s time for the adventures to begin...

New York City