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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 6th Oct 2012 05:57
Teaching English abroad has been the greatest way of immersing myself in local culture and practices. I`ve lived in a Thai style apartment with a cold shower, bucket flush toilet and had a mat-style picnic blanket as a bed. I haven`t had a movie cinema or McDonalds to go to. Instead, I have had the time to learn a new language, fish, talk to strangers in broken thai/english and enjoy the small joys of living in a Thai farming community. This lifestyle has been more fullfilling than any other I have experienced.It`s taken me three months of living and working in Bang Luang to reach the point where I can say I got into my groove. It`s a s...
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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 10th Sep 2012 04:35
The day I moved into Bang Luang I turfed out my alarm clock. The chants from the temple opposite my home would wake me up precisely on time.
I stumble out of bed at about 6:00am, flick the switch on my budget style `Tesco Lotus` kettle, and take a cold shower. By the time my shower is over, I find the kettle has boiled and our cat, Terry the Terrorist, has turned my room into more of a mess than it already was.

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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 7th Aug 2012 09:33

When one thinks of teaching English in Thailand the thought of working in small town seldom crosses your mind. When I arrived in Bangkok, three months ago, I had the idea that I would be working somewhere down south on an Island, sipping Mojito`s on the beach after a long day of work.

When I finished my TESOL course I was offered a placement in the small district of Bang Len, in the Nakhon Pathom Province of ...
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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 18th Jul 2012 15:58
I am living in the small district of Bang Len. Here are the statistics: three 7/11s, two petrol stations, a post office, one road side bar, one DVD store, numerous all you can buy mini marts (most of them specialising in chicken eggs), an Isuzu dealership, two hair dressers and a night market. In total there are three foreigners in Bang Len; my flat mate and I being two of them. The other foreigner in the area is Frank. Frank is a retired IT specialist from the UK who has decided to spend his days teaching English in the surrounding areas of Bang Len. 

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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 9th Jul 2012 10:08
A first date, a final exam, a tense game of rugby, that phone call you don`t want to answer…they all give you butterflies in your stomach. The moment I stood in front of a Thai class for the first time brought on the same churning feeling.
It`s a feeling that can only be cured by the smile and laughter of a Thai learner as you start your first ever lesson as a teacher.

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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 25th Jun 2012 04:44
Warm weather, beach soccer, tubing, rim-flow pools, night markets with delicious food, the freedom and safety of walking the back streets of Hua Hin without a worry in the world, the intrigue of learning a new language and discovering the Thai culture, reminders of home in the form of the occasional braai and weekend rugby games - Thailand has given an awesome mix of new and the occasional hint of the familiar. 
The one-month TESOL course that I have been taking part i...
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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 14th Jun 2012 10:20
Bags packed, passport in hand, online check-in complete - You can`t beat the excitement of heading to a new place! 
As I headed through the London Underground bound for Heathrow Terminal 4, a warm smile came to my face as I began reading Lonely Planets guide to Thailand. Eastern Adventures can`t possibly be short of any excitement!
I`ve traded ...
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