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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 31st May 2012 16:53

Choosing to go on tour with a company that has been in operation for 50 years inspires a lot of confidence in one`s decision. Contiki has a great reputation and a wealth of experience behind them. Knowing this, I went into my first ever Contiki tour with high expectations. 
After visiting 12 countries with 25 great new friends I can safely say that my experience with Contiki lived up to my expectations! 
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Contiki, Paris, Pamplona, Pompeii, Barcelona
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 21st May 2012 09:39
The Easy Rider is one of few Contiki tours that spend a solid four days on the Greek island of Corfu. 
An immaculate coastline, rocky beaches, warm waters, friendly people, great food and entertaining nightlife - Corfu has it all. It comes as no surprise that our time in Corfu is said to be the vacation within our vacation. 
The best part about our time in Corfu is...
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Corfu, Georges Boat, Contiki
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 10th May 2012 08:47
Flicking through old photographs is a great way to remember awesome times and places visited whilst traveling. The past ten days of my Contiki tour have resulted in my hard drive taking massive strain - not a single day has gone past where I am not in absolute awe of each and every destination.
As an aspiring photographer I have had my work cut out for me. It`s been an awesome line up: Paris, Bordeaux, Pamplona, Barcelona, Nice, Florence and Rome…and to top it off, the tour is not even at ...
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Contiki, STA Travel, Paris, Pamplona, Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Rosme
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 28th Apr 2012 18:02
It`s a household name that shouts `good times, late nights, and city by city mayhem`. I`ve heard it leaves you with the worst case of the travel bug around - I can`t wait to get bitten! But what is it actually all about? 
That is what I was most excited for when I signed up for a 32-day tour called the Easy Rider. I wanted to experience first hand; the people, the guides, the modes of transport, and what kind of madness actually happens on tour. 
The Easy Rider is a camping trip that spans 17 cities across 12 different countries. If the first few days in Paris are anything to go by, it is going to be a month that I ...
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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 18th Apr 2012 00:28

I arrived at Heathrow Airport at roughly 8am on Thursday the 12th of April. Rushing through the morning masses on the London Underground was a pretty good wake up call. I reached Hammersmith station in no time and boarded the 220 bus bound for Wandsworth. (gotta love the British names!) I hopped off at Harbord street and rang what I hoped was the right bell. Jackpot - I was greeted by my cousin Ali and her nine month old miniature schnauzer. I am staying with my cousin Ali and her daughters Emily and Ella for the two weeks that I am in London. It sure is great to be spending time with family - it`s a great break from hostel living. 
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