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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 20th Mar 2012 13:39
Waterfalls, Drug Smugglers and a Tropical Island 
Iguassu Falls is undeniably one of the most breathtaking wonders of the world. As hard as one tries to capture what you see in a photograph it will never be able to represent the experience of being there. There are 275 falls across 2.7km of plateau with an average waterfall height of 70m, resulting in 62, 000 cubic feet of water falling every second. The noise is deafening and the spray of water is exhilerating. The fa...
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Paraty, Iguassu Falls, South America
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 7th Mar 2012 04:50
Twenty-two hours in a bus sounds daunting…the thought of spending nearly an entire day of your life crammed into one seat is not the greatest prospect. Fortunately for our tour group, a $25 upgrade landed us in the comfort zone; fully reclining seats, two onboard meals, a good selection of movies and whiskey served just before bedtime. Before we knew it we had covered the 1400km between Bariloche and Buenos Aires. Big ups to the South American bus system once again. 
Buenos Aires is a massive city wit...
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Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Colonia
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 28th Feb 2012 03:31
River rafting, paragliding, a volcano hike, hydrospeed, hot springs, mountain biking, canopy cable gliding, 4x4ing…that was the list of optional activities presented to us upon arriving in Pucón. Oh, the choices!
Since we are traveling as a relatively small group we decided it would be best to choose three activities to do together. Looking back on the discussion of which activities to chose brings a massive smile to my f...
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Pucon, Villarrica
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 20th Feb 2012 07:35

A big part of traveling is flying and the experiences that come with the process. Everyone has their own `long and awful` flight story that they love to tell. Four flights, thirty-six hours and a four am arrival have given me the right to tell mine. It is hard to describe the feelings one has when arriving in South America, on your own, with a massive bag and only an address written on a piece of paper. Lets just say I was dazed, confused and in major need of a bed. On top of that, trying to understand the Chilean currency, communicate with a less than basic understanding of the Span...
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