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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 5th Feb 2012 22:50
After leaving Austin, Texas bright and early on the 28th of January we drove through five hundred miles of what I like to call Texan repetition. It is the kind of scenery that numbs your brain. Odd sparks of visual pleasure come from the occasional oil pump or road sign but other than that it is pretty much a brain dead drive. Seven hours later and we rocked up in Carlsbad, New Mexico. I wasn`t sure what to expect in Carlsbad. Upon arriving the strangest sense of excitement came over my body as I realised there was no cellphone reception, wifi or Mc Donalds…only open land and breat...
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Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Suntrek
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 30th Jan 2012 07:28
I had become very accustomed to the lifestyle, culture, sounds, weather, accents, pace and state of mind in the cosmopolitan areas of the east coast. Two days down the line, a few hundred miles later and I felt like I was in a new country. Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Austin popped up and ticked all the right boxes. 
The South takes you in like a carefree godmother. She cooks you pork ribs and re-fried beans, tells you naughty stories, plays you t...
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Austin, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 22nd Jan 2012 04:58
This morning I set off bright and early on a coast-to-coast tour of the States, an obvious highlight of my year! After having an action packed time in New York City I ended up only hitting the sack at about 4am. After 3 hours sleep I woke up and met the crew of travelers that I will be touring with for the next 3 weeks. Our team consists of myself, Georgia, Choi and Kelly. Georgia is from a small town just outside of London. Choi is from Seoul in South Korea and Kelly is the Intrepid Tour guide who dons the status of be...
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Intrepid Tours
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 22nd Jan 2012 04:17

After two nights in Brooklyn I packed up my bags and cruised towards Manhattan in search of brighter lights. A friend Christoff and I checked-in at one of the most impressive hostels I have stayed at thus far - Hosteling International NYC. Here we enjoyed great facilities and activities including a fully equipped kitchen, cinema, pool tables, numerous chill out areas, free pub crawls and hilarious comedy shows. It was a great feeling walking around the hostel and hearing different languages being spoken in each corner of the room. The most social and festive place at the hostel was d...
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New York City, STA Travel, Urban Adventures
Posted By: Liam Kelly on 22nd Jan 2012 03:49

A very kind friend of mine let me stay in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York. It is just me here for the weekend...I am so glad to have some time and space to myself as I attempt to take on New York City. She seems like a real beast.
Today I was overwhelmed by the fast paced nature of the people and amount of over-population. From a psychological perspective it is rather interesting...One could write an interesting paper about what big city living like this does to ones brain! 

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New York City