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The STA Travel World Explorer sends one lucky person around the world for a full year... for FREE!

Whilst travelling, the World Explorer will be placed on our work programmes, will be volunteering and ultimately touring the world! They will be snapping photos, shooting videos and blogging throughout their 12 months to make sure that everyone back home is up-to-date with their latest adventures and experiences.

The competition is open to anyone in South Africa who is over 18 and who wants the chance to travel the world on STA Travel’s buck, while boosting their resume creating amazing videos, magazine worthy photos and Pulitzer-winning blogs.


  • Must be over 18
  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must be able to handle the rigors of extended travel including strenuous activity and carrying heavy luggage
  • Must be able to work well in stressful situations and in new environments with new people

2011 Selection Process

For the first year, STA Travel will be sending THREE World Explorer finalists as well as the winner on an exciting trip to North America. The most engaging, creative and lucky individuals will be chosen as USA Explorers to complete the trip of a lifetime.

Phase 1: Applicants enter the competition on the STA Travel South Africa Facebook page. The competition is open between the 15th June 2011 and the 15th August 2011.

Phase 2:  All applicants that enter the competition will then receive a list of documents that we require to consider them for the next phase of the competition. Documents that are required include a motivation letter, CV, photo and a sample blog post.

Phase 3: The top 60 applicants are then chosen for personal interviews by STA Travel judges. Before they attend the interview, they are asked to prepare a one minute video motivating why they should win. A top 10 are then chosen from the 60 interviews.

Phase 4: The judges then pick a top 5 which then goes to vote by the STA Travel Facebook fanpage to decide on the ultimate winner.