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Posted By: Liam Kelly on 26th Aug 2012 04:29


Travel is a common aspiration of many. Why is this? Why do people feel the desire to see new places and experience new things? I often ask myself these questions.   

For some, the aspiration might be driven by the desire to see a place they have been dreaming about, for others it’s to get away from a situation and gain a new life experience. 

For whatever reason one travels, a common dominator is that travel results in change.

It takes you out of your comfort zone. It puts you in a new place with new challenges, new experiences, and new opportunities. It gives you the chance to experience the feeling of ‘living’.

Hopping on a plane puts yesterday’s problems aside. The grass becomes greener. Not because it is greener, but because your perception of what is green is refreshed.

An unsatisfying routine causes colors to go stagnant and the light of travel brightens ones perceptions.

I have been traveling for nine months now. I’ve visited many countries across four continents and spent time working in two of those continents.

During this time I have experienced an immense amount of change. I have seen, felt, heard, tasted, experienced, changed and thought more in these last nine months than I have ever before in my life.

Constant changes of my environment have been liberating, yet difficult. As much as I love change and embrace it, it has been taxing. There have been many sad goodbyes and homesick days along the way...but that’s only natural.

Before I left South Africa a good friend, who had taken a gap year before me, told me to keep myself busy with the people around me; and to not just hang around on my own. As simple as it sounds, I stuck to it. It’s made me meet some amazing people along the way and has been a constant reminder of one of the real gems of travel; the people you meet along the way.

Travel has allowed me to change. It hasn’t changed me; it has allowed me to change.

I only hope that this change is long lasting.




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